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The Queens College Civil Rights Archives collects personal papers, community materials, organizational records, non-print materials, and artifacts of civil rights activists. The collections are particularly strong in documenting the civil rights work by Queens College students during the early 1960s. The Civil Rights Archive is an active participant in its communities, working with students and alumni of Queens College, local schools, and the city at large.

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Recently Added Items

  • Support A Bldg Sit In!

    A flier calling for support for the Academic II building sit in, gives info on the protest and details on rally

  • "Then We go to Academic II"

    A flier from the Ad-Hoc Committee calling for support for the take over of the Academic II building

  • Concerning Dissent and Civil Disobedience

    From the personal library of Forbes Hill, this short book by then-Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court Abe Fortas considers the constitutional allowances for nonviolent civil disobedience in the United States, particularly in view of…