Special Collections and Archives EAD Finding Aids

What is a Finding Aid?

Finding Aids are tools to assist researchers in gaining access to and understanding archival materials. A finding aid provides context for a collection and usually includes:

Our finding aids are regularly updated as collections expand and get further processed. This website displays only our finding aids that have been encoded into EAD for viewing as webpages. PDFs of our collections can be found on our official Queens College Library website.

What is EAD?

EAD (Encoded Archival Description) is an XML standard for encoding finding aids. This allows an electronic finding aid to be found by ArchiveGrid, a national database run by the OCLC that contains roughly 1.7 million searchable records. Since all EAD finding aids use the same metadata format, it allows computer programs to easily find collections, similar to how MARC records allow libraries to quickly find books in their holdings.

Tech Wizards

These pages are developed and maintained by Alexandra Dolan-Mescal and Thomas Cleary. We have had lots of fun designing different .XSLs for our various finding aids, and are currently in the process of adding MARC attributes to our controlled access terms so that we can be searched in EVEN MORE ways in ArchiveGrid! We are happy to consult with individuals and organizations that are just tiptoeing into the EAD waters.