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Biographical Note

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Administrative Information

Series Descriptions and Container list

General Correspondence 1933-1987

Organizational Records 1933-1960

Bowne House Historical Society

Episcopal Charities Schools

Firemen’s Association

Fireside Club

Flushing Council of Women’s Organization

Flushing Chamber of Commerce

Flushing Interfaith Society

Flushing Savings Bank

Grace Church

National Conference for Christians and Jews

National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis


New York State Historical Association

Port of New York Authority

Queens College

Queens County Bar Association

Saint Paul’s Church

Printed Materials 1940-1960

Legal Materials 1935-1960

Financial Materials 1933-1960

Press Releases 1956

Writings 1933-1987

Ephemeral Materials

Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks 1933-1960

Bound Materials Undated

Photos and Drawings Undated

Awards and Honors 1940-1960

Print and machine-readable finding aid prepared by Carmen Cowick, Spring 2014

Descriptive summary

Repository: Queens College (New York, N.Y.) Department of Special Collections and Archives
Creator Colden, Charles S., 1885-1960
Title: Charles S. Colden Collection
Dates: Bulk, 1952-1960
Dates: 1933-1987
Extent: 11.0 Linear feet, 10 document boxes and 7 flat boxes
Abstract This collection contains the professional and personal papers of Charles S. Colden, founder of Queens College. This collection includes correspondence legal records, print materials, newspaper clippings, photographs, awards/honors, and various papers. Also included are minutes, speeches, invitations, and various papers pertaining specifically to Queens College and the Queens College Association.
Identification: PP.2014.002
Languages: English

Biographical Note

Born in 1885 to David and Harriet Colden of Whitestone, NY, Charles S. Colden graduated from Jamaica State Normal School and New York University. After five years of practicing law, he was appointed an assistant district attorney in Queens where he served from 1918 to 1921. Colden went on to serve as President of the Flushing Savings Bank from 1929 to 1935. Colden also served as district attorney of Queens from 1932 to 1935.

As the organizer of the Queens College Association in 1935, which campaigned for a college in the county, Colden is often called the father of Queens College. From 1943 to 1956 Colden was Justice of the New York State Supreme Court and in 1945 he became President of the Bowne House Historical Society. In 1956, Colden moved on to become the official referee of the New York State Supreme Court. Queens College presented him with an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws that same year. In September of 1960, Charles S. Colden passed away in Flushing Hospital in Queens. He is buried in Flushing Cemetery.

Source Consulted: Charles Colden, Ex-Justice, Dead: Former State Supreme Court Member. (1960, September 15.) New York Times, p.37

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Scope and Contents Note

The records of the Charles S. Colden Collection include correspondence, organizational records, newspaper clippings, scrapbooks, photographs, awards/honors, and ephemera. The strength of the collection is found within the organizational records series, including the formation of Queens College. This series gives a historical overview of the involvement and impact of Charles S. Colden on the Queens Community.

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The collection is organized into twelves series with series two organized into 17 subseries.

Series I: General Correspondence
Series II: Organizational Records
Subseries A:Bowne House Historical Society
Subseries B: Episcopal Charities Schools
Subseries C: Firemen's Association
Subseries D: Fireside Club
Subseries E: Flushing Council of Women's Organization
Subseries F: Flushing Chamber of Commerce
Subseries G: Flushing Interfaith Society
Subseries H: Flushing Savings Bank
Subseries I: Grace Church
Subseries J: National Conference for Christians and Jews
Subseries K: National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis
Subseries L: Masons
Subseries M: New York State Historical Association
Subseries N: Port of New York Authority
Subseries O: Queens College
Subseries P: Queens County Bar Association
Subseries Q: Saint Paul's Church
Series III: Printed Materials
Series IV: Legal Materials
Series V: Financial Materials
Series VI: Press Releases
Series VII: Writings
Series VIII: Ephemeral Materials
Series IX: Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks
Series X: Bound Materials
Series XI: Photos and Drawings
Series XII: Awards and Honors

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Collection is open for research. Staff may restrict access at its discretion on the basis of physical condition.


The Charles S. Colden Collection is physically owned by the Queens College Libraries. Literary rights, including copyright, belong to the authors or their legal heirs and assignees. The collection is subject to all copyright laws. Queens College assumes no responsibility for the infringement of copyrights held by the original authors, creators, or producers of materials.

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Administrative Information

Preferred Citation

Item, date (if known), box, folder, The Charles S. Colden Collection Department of Special Collections and Archives, Queens College, City University of New York.


Some items donated by Samuel Tripp. Other items accumulated by Queens College.

Processing Information Note

Print finding aid created by Carmen Cowick and approved by Alexandra Dolan-Mescal, Spring 2014. Machine readable finding aid created by Carmen Cowick, Spring 2014

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Series Descriptions and Container list

Series I General Correspondence ( 1933-1987 )
The General Correspondence series contains personal and work related correspondence between Charles Colden and other persons and companies. The correspondence ranges from 1933 to 1987. This series contains some correspondence dated posthumously but pertains to Charles Colden. Series is arranged chronologically.
1933 Box-folder 1-1
1936 Box-folder 1-2
1937 Box-folder 1-3
1938 Box-folder 1-4
1939 Box-folder 1-5
1944 Box-folder 1-6
1945 Box-folder 1-7
1948 Box-folder 1-8
1949 Box-folder 1-9
1950 Box-folder 1-10
1951 Box-folder 1-11
1952 January- March ( 1952 ) Box-folder 1-12
1952 April – June Box-folder 1-13
1952 July – September Box-folder 1-14
1952 October – December Box-folder 1-15
1953 Box-folder 1-16
1954 Box-folder 1-17
1955 Box-folder 2-1
1956 January Box-folder 2-2
1956 February Box-folder 2-3
1956 March Box-folder 2-4
1956 April Box-folder 2-5
1956 May Box-folder 2-6
1956 June Box-folder 2-7
1956 July Box-folder 2-8
1956 August Box-folder 2-9
1956 September Box-folder 2-10
1956 October Box-folder 2-11
1956 November Box-folder 2-12
1956 December Box-folder 2-13
1957 January – April Box-folder 3-1
1957 May – August Box-folder 3-2
1957 September – December Box-folder 3-3
1958 Box-folder 3-4
1959 January – June Box-folder 3-5
1959 July – December Box-folder 3-6
1960 January – February Box-folder 3-7
1960 March – August Box-folder 3-8
1987 Box-folder 3-9
Undated ( Undated ) Box-folder 3-10
Series II Organizational Records ( 1933-1960 )
The Organizational Records series contains correspondence and records that pertain to various organizations Charles Colden was a member of, with the bulk of these records pertaining to The Bowne House Historical Society, Flushing Savings Bank, The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, St. Paul’s Church, and Queens College. Series is arranged alphabetically.
Bowne House Historical Society Box-folder 4-1
Episcopal Charities Schools Box-folder 4-2
Firemen’s Association Box-folder 4-3
Fireside Club Box-folder 4-4
Flushing Council of Women’s Organization Box-folder 4-5
Flushing Chamber of Commerce Box-folder 4-6
Flushing Interfaith Society Box-folder 4-7
Flushing Savings Bank Box-folder 4-8-12
Grace Church Box-folder 5-1-2
National Conference for Christians and Jews Box-folder 5-3
National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis Box-folder 5-4-9
Masons Box-folder 5-10-11
New York State Historical Association Box-folder 6-1
Port of New York Authority Box-folder 6-2
Queens College Box-folder 6-3-14
Queens County Bar Association Box-folder 6-15
Saint Paul’s Church Box-folder 7-1-7
Series III Printed Materials ( 1940-1960 )
The Printed Materials series includes flyers, pamphlets, booklets, brochures, and bulletins of various organizations. Series is arranged chronologically.
1940-1949 Box-folder 8-1
1950-1955 Box-folder 8-2
1956 Box-folder 8-3
1957-1959 Box-folder 8-4
1960 Box-folder 8-5
Undated Box-folder 8-6-7
Series IV Legal Materials ( 1935-1960 )
The Legal Materials series contains documentation of court cases and official correspondence between Colden and others in the legal profession. This series is arranged by two subjects: court cases and general legal material.
Court Cases Box-folder 9-1-2
General Legal Material Box-folder 9-3
Series V Financial Materials ( 1933-1960 )
The Financial Materials series includes bills and receipts of payment for both personal and professional items and events. This series is arranged chronologically.
1933-1950 ( 1933-1950 ) Box-folder 9-4
1951- 1957 ( 1951-1957 ) Box-folder 9-5
1958-1960 ( 1958-1960 ) Box-folder 9-6
Undated ( Undated ) Box-folder 9-7
Series VI Press Releases ( 1956 )
The Press Releases series contains press releases for various organizations. This series is arranged alphabetically by organization.
Press Releases Post Office Department ( 1956 ) Box-folder 9-8
Press Releases A-Z ( Undated ) Box-folder 9-9
Seires VII Writings ( 1933-1987 )
The Writings series contains writings by Colden himself, which include speeches and speech notes, and writings about Colden by others. This series is arranged by subject.
Writings by Colden Box-folder 10-1-2
Writings about Colden Box-folder 10-3
Series VIII Ephemeral Materials Box-folder 10-4
The Ephemeral Materials series contains identification cards and membership cards of Charles Colden for various organizations he was involved with.
Series IX Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks ( 1933-1960 )
The Newspaper Clippings and Scrapbooks series contains a wide range of articles on Charles Colden’s career and involvement in the Queens County community.
Newspaper Clippings Box-folder 10-5-6
Scrapbooks Box 11, 13-15
Series X Bound Materials ( Undated ) Box 12
The Bound Materials series contains various books that belonged to Charles Colden.
Series XI Photos and Drawings ( Undated )
The Photos and Drawings series contains group photographs, portraits of Charles Colden, and photographs that do not feature Colden but whose subject(s) are relevant to Colden. Also included are drawings.
Photos of Colden Box-folder 16-1
Group Photos Box-folder 16-2
General Photos Box-folder 16-3
Oversized Photos
Series XII Awards and Honors ( 1940-1960 ) Box 17
The Awards and Honors series contains various honors and awards given to Charles Colden during his professional his professional career.