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Oscar Shaftel Collection

The collection contains correspondence, flyers, press clippings, transcripts of testimony, printed materials and miscellanea documenting student activism at Queens College in the late 1940s and early 1950s and the effect of McCarthyism on academic freedom in New York State. Oscar Shaftel, one of the original faculty members at Queens College, was…

Moshe Shur Papers

The Moshe Shur Papers document the publications surrounding the years that Rabbi Shur spent in Orangeburg South Carolina as a member of the Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE) program. The collection contains several newspaper clippings from the summers that Shur spent in the South as well as six complete newspapers from…

Anne Koeppicus Collection

In 1964, Anne Koeppicus, a 55-year-old Cambria Heights resident and mother of three, decided to volunteer in the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project. For three weeks in July 1964, she taught in the Freedom School in Hattiesburg, MS.
While in Mississippi, she stayed with the family of Johnie Mae Walker.

Joan Nestle Collection

Joan Nestle was active in the civil rights, women’s and gay liberation movements; she founded the Lesbian Herstory Archive in 1973 and is the author of A Fragile Union (1998) and A Restricted Country (1988). She was an activist while studying at Queens College (1959-1963) , and participated as a teacher in the SEEK program (1966-1995). This…

Martin Luther King, Jr. Recordings

Clips from the inaugural John F. Kennedy Lecture Series speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. on May 13, 1965. The full 40-minute speech can be access on site at the Queens College Special Collections and Archives. Please contact us at QC.archives@qc.cuny.edu to set up an appointment.

Dean Savage Papers

The Dean Savage Papers document Savage's experience volunteering with the Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE) Project during the summer of 1965, specifically in the locations of Orangeburg County, South Carolina, and Atlanta, GA. The collection contains 16 color photographs taken in Orangeburg and Atlanta during that…

Andrew Berman Collection

Andrew Berman was co-founder of the Queens College chapter of Students for a Democratic Society (QCSDS), an active member of the Congress for Racial Equality (CORE), a volunteer for the SEEK Program, and an organizer for First Amendment rights and against the Vietnam War. Mr. Berman enrolled at Queens College at age 16, attending from 1963-1967,…

James Forman Library Collection

James Forman (1928-2005) was a civil rights leader, writer, and academic known for his work with the Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), the Black Panthers, and the Unemployment and Poverty Action Committee (UPAC). His Black Manifesto of 1969 is regarded as an important watershed in the movement for slavery reparations. He graduated…

Rosalind Andrews Collection

Rosalind Andrews (then Rosalind Silverman) was a Queens College student who volunteered with the Student Help Project. In the summer of 1963, she and 15 other students traveled to Farmville, Virginia, to spend seven weeks teaching the African American children of Prince Edward County. These children had been denied formal education since 1959, when…

Robert Masters Collection

Robert Masters graduated from Queens College in 1966; at age 20 he spent seven weeks in Greenwood, Mississippi as a volunteer in the Freedom Summer of 1964. As a volunteer he canvassed door-to-door on behalf of the new Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), enlisting support among the African American community for the party's challenge to…