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The Dean Savage Papers documents civil rights initiatives by northern student volunteers under the auspices of the Summer Community Organization and Political Education (SCOPE) Project during the summer of 1965. This collection primarily consists of…

SCOPE volunteer Marie Guillemin's birthday party at 746 Amelia Street. Pictured from left: Daui Schauman (in light blue dress), Marie Guillemin (blue shirt), Sarah Oakes (blond hair), Barbara Rothkrug (white shirt), Al Szymanski (glasses), Dean…

Old jailhouse in Orangeburg, SC. Built in 1857, this was the town's active jail until the 1980s (still standing at 44 St. John Street, Orangeburg, SC).

Mathew Perry (with glasses), NAACP attorney that represented SCOPE volunteers for sit-in arrests. Unidentified man to right. Back of head with blond hair is Moshe "Mickey" Shur.

Local community gathering at the house where most of the Columbia University SCOPE volunteers stayed during the summer of 1965 (746 Amelia Street, Orangeburg, SC).

Earl Coblyn (standing), NAACP civil rights attorney who was living in Orangeburg and who acted as a community liaison to the SCOPE volunteers. Al Szymanski is sitting on ledge (with glasses).

SCOPE volunteer Robert Brumbaugh after arrest at sit-in at Orangeburg County Courthouse, August 2, 1965. He had practiced non-violent resistance and was dragged by police.

Burning crosses, Ku Klux Klan rally. Several SCOPE volunteers observed this rally, held at a local farm in Orangeburg County, SC.

5 Ku Klux Klan Members with burning cross and torches. Several SCOPE volunteers observed a Klan rally at a local farm in Orangeburg County, SC.

Orangeburg County Courthouse, hearing for arrests related to August 2 sit-in. Sentences of 30 days in jail or fines of $50 were meted out to each of the 35 demonstrators found guilty of disorderly conduct. Among those in back row: Al Szymanski…
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