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"Mississippi Burning" movie review published in Time Magazine.

Document confirming participants in the discussion of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Article printed in the Daily News discussing criticism of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Article printed in Newsday criticizing the film "Mississippi Burning."

Press release outlining a three part film/discussion series sparked by the release of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Pamphlet promoting a film discussion series surrounding the release of the movie "Mississippi Burning" and other documentary films.

Essay written about Andrew Goodman by a teacher that knew him.

Mississippi Summer Project Application filled out by Andrew Goodman.

Letter from James R. Kreuzer, Associate Dean of Students, to the parents of Andrew Goodman, advising on the results of deliberations surrounding the establishment of a memorial.

Letter to the parents of Queens College students announcing the inception of The Andrew Goodman Memorial Fund.
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