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A resolution adopted by the City University of new York Council of the American Association of University Professors that would allow members of the academic community to "protect the university from tactics which undermine the structure of freedom."

A notice put out by the Ad Hoc Committee to End Political Suppression stating their purpose in occupying the SS Building and a list of demands to be met.

A report summarizing recent events concerning the suspended students and student protests.

A flier calling for a rally where a AHCEP reply to President McMurray's response would be issued. Also held in response to arrests and police action against the occupation on the SS Building.

A Statement from President McMurray to the Queens College Community in regards to the occupation of the SS Building and subsequent police action.

A public newsletter put out by the Office of the President in response to the continued protests. Along with the letter there is an address of five main points that the protests have revolved around

A fact sheet distributed by the Ad Hoc Faculty Committee in response to the fact sheet distributed by President McMurray

A statement distributed by faculty (?Ad Hoc Committee?) addressing their specific concerns to the sit-ins

A notice sent out by the Biology Caucus with a proposal for a plan of getting members of the Queens College Community to resolve the standoff between the academic community and the college administration.

A letter to the Paul Klapper Library Professional Staff asking for involvement in the Biology Caucus's proposal.
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