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This flier calls for a boycott of New York City's public schools to force desegregation.

This letter calls on parents of New York City school children to support a day-long boycott of the public schools on March 16, 1964. It followed on the heels of a massive boycott on Feb 3, 1964, when more than 450,000 students refused to attend…

This flier promotes a 1962 lecture by CORE co-founder James Farmer.

This photograph shows Stan Shaw and Mike Wenger receiving the B'Nai Brith Human Relation Award from Belema Reiner.

This B&W photograph shows Mark and Betty Levy at the Meridian Freedom School in Meridian, MS, with some of their students.

This 2-page letter from Johnnie Mae Walker and Viola Calena to Freedom Summer volunteer Anne Koeppicus describes life in Hattiesburg, MS during the Freedom Summer Project.

This letter from Irving Rudd to Mark and Betty Levy expresses the author's appreciation of their efforts in Mississippi, and promises to send money once the season is over.

This one-page letter from James Forman to Freedom Summer Trainees in Oxford, OH reproduces a June 16, 1964 letter from the Charles Benner (National States Rights Party) to John Lewis.

This flier advertises for a COFO meeting at the Little Hope Baptist Church on July 27, 1964.

This 2-page flyer describes COFO's plan for the Mississippi Freedom Summer Project. The intended audience appears to be Mississippi blacks.
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