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Airtel from FBI Director to Special Agent in Charge, New York regarding surveillance of James Forman.

Memorandum from Special Agent in Charge (SAC), New York to the Director of the FBI. Indicates James Forman as part of the Rabble Rouser Index, the FBI file used to target persons for its CONINTELPRO operation. Update to mailing address.

Letter from J. Edgar Hoover to the U.S. Secret Service regarding James Rufus Forman.

Memorandum regarding James Forman from the SAC (Special Agent in Charge), New York to the Director of the FBI. Details an observation of James Forman in New York City in March of 1968.

Copy of Bound Thesis by James R. Forman: An Examination of the Question of Self-Determination and its Application to the African-American People.

Image of cover of James Forman's book, Self-Determination: An Examination of the Question and its Application to the African-American People.

Flyer announcing James Forman's candidacy for Democratic Party Representative of Precinct 35 in Ward 1, Washington, D.C.

Letter from Paul Schwarz, then Principal in Residence of the United States Department of Education, to James Forman regarding his son, James [Forman, Jr.].

This photocopied clipping dated June 25, 1965, from the Jackson Daily News in Mississippi, is cited by the FBI to corroborate James Forman's activities as a classified "Rabble Rouser." The FBI followed a policy of collecting published news reports…

Annotation made by James Forman on the first, unnumbered page in How to Get Control of Your Time and Your Life.
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