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In a letter to his brother Emerson, Forbes Hill details the incident in which he and several others were kidnapped and threatened while campaigning in Georgia for Progressive Party presidential candidate Henry Wallace.

An article in the New York Times describes an incident in Augusta, Georgia, in which future Queens College professor Forbes Hill and four others were beaten and threatened for campaigning for Henry A. Wallace, the 1948 presidential candidate of the…

A letter from Lawrence Scott accepting an offer from Art Gatti to have another group of students come to Meridian, Mississippi to help rebuild churches. In it he cautions of increased KKK activity in the area due to groups aiding in the rebuilding.

Originally presented online by the Green Mountains Review in four installments, the article explores the massacre of African-Americans in the fall of 1919 in Phillips county, Arkansas, along the Mississippi delta. The article also explores the…

Burning crosses, Ku Klux Klan rally. Several SCOPE volunteers observed this rally, held at a local farm in Orangeburg County, SC.

5 Ku Klux Klan Members with burning cross and torches. Several SCOPE volunteers observed a Klan rally at a local farm in Orangeburg County, SC.

Paperback copy of "an information and instructional kit." In Forman's works and writings, information and education are core princples of radical activism. Though Forman believed in the use of violence when provoked, much of his work as an organizer…
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