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From the personal library of Forbes Hill, this short book by then-Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court Abe Fortas considers the constitutional allowances for nonviolent civil disobedience in the United States, particularly in view of…

This photograph was taken when Martin Luther King Jr. came to Orangeburg, South Carolina to speak to SCOPE volunteers conducting voter drives in the area. King is on the left, Moshe Shur in the middle and Peter Geffen is on the right.
King signed…

Copy of cover page and excerpt from The SCOPE of Freedom: The Leadership of Hosea Williams with Dr. King's Summer '65 Student Volunteers. Page excerpt lists volunteers associated with SCOPE including Dean Savage and Mickey (Moshe) Shur. Moshe Shur…

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks of all-encompassing love, the importance of loving a person while hating the crime.

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks about the power of non-violence.

Martin Luther King, Jr. discusses how crime is related to poverty and disillusionment, not race.

Martin Luther King, Jr. explains the barriers to employment opportunities for African Americans.

Martin Luther King, Jr. recognizes slain Queens College student Andrew Goodman's sacrifice for civil rights.

This is a photograph of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. addressing SCOPE volunteers at their orientation in Atlanta, GA, on June 15, 1965. The speech Dr. King delivered was entitled "Why Are You Here?"
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