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Queens College Students sitting at the reflecting pool during the March on Washington For Jobs and Freedom

A letter of thanks from the NAACP to Michael Wenger for the raising of funds to the Mississippi Freedom Project

Excerpt taken from James Forman's Diary, dated Wednesday, December 20, 2009.

This flier calls for a one day school boycott in New York City on February 3rd, 1964. The boycott was part of a campaign for quality, integrated education. Civil Rights leaders Milton Galamison and Bayard Rustin, along with the NAACP and CORE, were…

This flier by the NAACP and CORE demands "integrated and quality education" and encourages participation in a March For Democratic Schools at City Hall Park, New York City, May 18, 1964.

Mathew Perry (with glasses), NAACP attorney that represented SCOPE volunteers for sit-in arrests. Unidentified man to right. Back of head with blond hair is Moshe "Mickey" Shur.

Earl Coblyn (standing), NAACP civil rights attorney who was living in Orangeburg and who acted as a community liaison to the SCOPE volunteers. Al Szymanski is sitting on ledge (with glasses).

In this photo, Reverend Samuel Jackson leads the Jr. NAACP up Main Street in Farmville, VA, late July, 1963.

This photograph shows Junior NAACP activists singing and holding hands at sit-in in Farmville, Virginia; some Queens College students are watching in the foreground.

This photograph shows Junior NAACP activists sitting-in at a segregated movie theater in Farmville, Virginia.
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