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The image at right is a still from a 9 minute video of activism on the Queens College campus in 1966. The footage shows unsanctioned student distribution of The Free Press, SDS members on campus, college construction, the three-day Fast for Peace in…

An educational booklet remembering Chaney, Goodman and Schwerner

This flier calls for a one day school boycott in New York City on February 3rd, 1964. The boycott was part of a campaign for quality, integrated education. Civil Rights leaders Milton Galamison and Bayard Rustin, along with the NAACP and CORE, were…

This flier describes CORE's view of the 1964 World's Fair in Queens, NY.

Article published in the New York Times outlining budgetary issues in SEEK funding.

Article published in CUNY Matters that discusses the success of the SEEK program and the dedication of Percy Sutton to its success.

Martin Luther King, Jr. explains the barriers to employment opportunities for African Americans.

Martin Luther King, Jr. discusses how crime is related to poverty and disillusionment, not race.

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks about the power of non-violence.

Martin Luther King, Jr. speaks of all-encompassing love, the importance of loving a person while hating the crime.
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