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Diana Pachella and another volunteer in the school office

Dorothy Thompson (L) and Diane Pachella (R) in art class at the Meridian Freedom School. Dorothy is sitting under student paintings

Gwen Thompson (R) and Susan Schrader (L) taking a walk in Meridian, Miss.

Photograph of a hat with SNCC pins on it

James Forman at the Statewide Freedom School Convention in Meridian

This B&W photograph shows Mark and Betty Levy at the Meridian Freedom School in Meridian, MS, with some of their students.

Photo of Mrs. Polly Heidelberg

Mrs. Polly Heidelberg organized housing, usually with people living in the community, for the volunteers during their stay as well as community provided food for the school itself.

Description provided by Markā€¦

Two women singing and clapping at the Mississippi Freedom School Convention

People with name tags singing under a banner at the Mississippi Freedom School Convention
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