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Two pages excerpted from the April 11, 1972 issue of the Queens College student newspaper Newsbeat, highlighting an article on teachers' unions in which Professor Forbes Hill plays a part. (selections - full volume available from Queens College…

This is the speech Jean Konzal, née Stein, gave when she returned from Prince Edward County, VA. A trip was organized to have a group of Queens College students set up a tutorial system for students who were denied an opportunity to go to school. …

Constitution for S.E.E.K on the campus of Queens College.

An pamphlet distributed by SEEK at Queens College with information describing the program's purpose and goals and how to apply to it as a student

Article published in the Amsterdam News addressing the role that students wanted to take in making policies for the SEEK program at Queens College.

Article reporting on a student demonstration and ransacking of the Joseph P. Mulholland's office (head of SEEK) on Janurary 13, 1969 at Queens College

Description of SEEK program

Document confirming participants in the discussion of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Article printed in the Daily News discussing criticism of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Article printed in Newsday criticizing the film "Mississippi Burning."
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