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A letter to Andrew Berman stating that the Students for a Democratic Society will be put on disiplinary probation for publishing "The Activist" newsletter

A Queens College Senate report describing the Virginia Student Help Project as well as the Big Brother, Big Sister program

A notice put out by the Queen's College Chapter of the Teacher's Union discussing the Schultz amendment and its impact of student activities. Also covers recent political actions by J Edgar Hoover and the Committee of Un-American Activities.

A pamphlet distributed by the New York Teacher's Union describing explaining the tenure process in the CUNY system

A transcript of the testimony given by Oscar Shaftel at the March 17, 1980 CUNY Board of Trustees meeting where his pension was reinstated

A flier bringing awareness to the Feinberg Act and protesting its implementation. Calls for signing a petition against its passing

A letter calling the community to attention of Oscar Shaftel's unjust termination and a call to protest/petition this action. Also brings up other professors across the area that have also been terminated for similar reasons

A flier advertising Rosalind Silverman speaking at the Calvary Baptist Church. The talk was titled "Our Youth In Crisis."

A New York Post article mentioning the Queens College Student help program as well as another student summer project from Fordham University

A press release relating to the Student Help Project for Monday, November 18, 1963. The document covers the progress of the organization
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