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Lelia Jean Waterhouse (L) holding QC notebook and Sharon Scott (R). The books in the background were donated by the school volunteers.

Description from Mark Levy

A New York Post article mentioning the Queens College Student help program as well as another student summer project from Fordham University

A pamphlet distributed by the New York Teacher's Union describing explaining the tenure process in the CUNY system

Article printed in the Daily News discussing criticism of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

Article reporting on a poem written by Andrew Goodman being published.

A flier advertising Rosalind Silverman speaking at the Calvary Baptist Church. The talk was titled "Our Youth In Crisis."

Article printed in Newsday criticizing the film "Mississippi Burning."

Document confirming participants in the discussion of the movie "Mississippi Burning."

A transcript of the testimony given by Oscar Shaftel at the March 17, 1980 CUNY Board of Trustees meeting where his pension was reinstated

Constitution for S.E.E.K on the campus of Queens College.
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