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"College Boys and Men" New York Post Article



"College Boys and Men" New York Post Article


A New York Post article mentioning the Queens College Student help program as well as another student summer project from Fordham University


Queens College (New York. NY)
Student Help Project


New York Post




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College Boys and Men
On a series of recent days there have been strange, wild sounds emanating from some of our groves of Academe. They began in the jungle of Princeton's Tigertown and spread swiftly they came under the charitable beading of "spring fever," but there was nothing funny about some or the damage riotously inflicted.

On one point there was general agreement: The episodes were utterly pointless. They were also peculiarly tasteless at a moment when small schoolchildren in Birmingham were stoically risking arrest and imprisonment in orderly parades for equal rights.

If the boys at Princeton and other Ivy League establishments felt an urgent need for communal springtime self-expression, they might more usefully have conducted public exercises or sympathy with these valorous Alabama kids. Instead they seemed inspired to emulate the violent Alabama mobs-but without even a bad reason to justify their tantrums. They were rebels without a cause, sad sacks whose rampages must cause a measure of soul-searching among the faculties responsible for their mental development.

But these aberrations at-e not the whole story
At Fordham University students have raised funds to sponsor the Fordham-Mexico summer project through which 20 students will go to San Antonio Sebanillas, a village or 120 lower-depth families. Among other things, the Fordham contingent, a kind of unofficial Peace Corps unit, will build adobe homes for the Indians and help to repair a water pipe line crucial to the life of the village.

Now comes the announcement that a group of Queens College students will spend their summer in Virginia's Prince Edward County, teaching Negro children who have been denied any schooling since the county decided in 1959 to close all public schools rather than yield to court desegregation orders. Three Queens faculty members have volunteered to aid the project.

So not all the new is bad. Perhaps some of the Ivy League hell-raisers will be remorsefully moved to a summer of penance when the word gets around that there is useful work to be done by high-spirited youth.

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New York Post, “"College Boys and Men" New York Post Article,” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed July 2, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/178.