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Easter Project Questionnaire



Easter Project Questionnaire


A questionnaire for student applicants interested in participating in the Easter Project (helping rebuild churches) in Meridian, Mississippi. Questions showed applicants situations they may face as well as helped screen applicants that could put the group in jeopardy.


Meridian (Miss.)
Queens College (New York, N.Y.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)


c. 1965

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Queens (New York, NY)


Easter Project Questionnaire

1. Can you go 10 days without drugs of any sort?

2. What would you do if someone on the street started shouting vulgarities at you?

3a. Do you feel more secure when carrying a weapon?

3b. How about in dangerous surroundings?

4. Can you go 10 days without a drink?

5. How do you feel about asceticism?

6. Do you drive?

7. Ever have any accidents?...tickets?

8. Do you smoke?

9. Would you participate in local civil rights demonstrations in Miss. if there were any while we were there?

10. Have you ever spent a week or more away from home?

11. What would you do if you were in a group of three and some dozen or so rednecks brandishing clubs charged at you?

12. Could you go all the time we’re away without smoking?

[13.] Do you think you could work hard for 8 hours a day and
[14.] then spend your nights in discussion & drawing up reports?

14. How do you feel about Miss. emotionally?

15. Can you raise any contributions on your own (besides the money you yourself need)?

16. How are you at taking orders?

17. Do you believe in Non-Violence as an acceptable personal philosophy?...as a tactic?

18. What do you think should ultimately happen to Gov. Wallace?

19. Can you go 10 days without sex?

20. What would you do if someone started to beat you up in the street?

(Both Sides)

21. Have you ever belonged to any civil rights, or political or social action groups?...which ones?

22. Ever been arrested? What for?

23. What’s your emotional reaction to stubborn ignorance?

24. Are you willing to go, knowing there’s a chance of arrest?

25. Do you know enough about what rights you have as a citizen, so that you might report them to a Miss. sherrif (sic) in case you’re arrested?

26. Would you be willing to take orders from someone younger? ...from a friend? ...someone less experienced? ...from a girl?

27. Are you willing to die?

28. Are there any Negroes in your neighborhood?

29. How do your parents feel about civil rights?...about Negroes?...about this project?

30. What would you do if you were walking down the street with a girl and some person or persons started to beat her up?

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8.5 x 11 inches (216 x 279 mm)


“Easter Project Questionnaire ,” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed May 21, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/220.