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Material Needed by COFO



Material Needed by COFO


Memo describing items needed for fall and winter programs conducted by COFO.


Freedom Summer Project (Mississippi)
Freedom Schools (Miss.)
Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)
Civil Rights--Mississippi--History--20th century


Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)



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You are in the unique position of having been in Mississippi, and of returning to "normal civilian life", and the spectrum of contacts, friends and relatives you undoubtedly know. You can function as a bridge between the Mississippi Project, and its needs, and the people you know who can help fill these needs. The materials listed below are urgently needed for fall and winter programming. Please urge your contacts, friends and relatives who supply, manufacture or sell these items to contribute them to the Mississippi Project
1. Books and films related to civil rights , Negro history and culture, politics, economics, and all basic human concerns, the Arts, and so on.
2. Recreational Equipment: chess sets, puzzles and games, table tennis nets, radios and phonographs, records, hobby kits and materials, and so on.
3. Sports Equipment: basketballs and nets, baseball gloves, balls and bats, boxing gloves and bags, footballs and equipment, camping equipment, volleyball, etc
4.School Supplies: maps and globes, paper of all sizes and types, pencils, pens, magic markers, paints and brushes, note pads, blackboards, chalk and erasers, bulletin boards, rulers , scissors, paste, glue, string, teaching aids of all sorts, tele-trainers (available from the NJ. Bell Telephone Co.)
5. Office Supplies: typing paper, regular and legal size, mimeograph and offset paper, carbon paper and onion skin, envelopes at all sizes and types, jiffy bags for mailing books, typewriters (in good condition please, and electric if possible), IBM Executive Electric typewriter (for our new printing operation), mimeograph machines, ditto and rexograph machines, photocopiers of all sorts, thumb tacks, staples and staplers, paper clips, rubber bands and other sundry items, mimeograph stencils and correction fluid, mimeograph ink, tape-recorders and tapes, file cabinets, desks, chairs, other office furniture, file folders, etc.
6. Community Center Supplies: tables, chairs, couches, stools, desks, refrigerators, rugs, bookshelves, dishes and pots, coffee-makers, fans and heaters, air-conditioners, sewing machines and equipment, yard goods and patterns, knitting materials and instruction books (and other handicrafts), arts and crafts supplies, magazine subscriptions, film projectors, screens and related equipment, towels and sheets.
7. Clothing and Household Items for Mississippi Residents: winter and summer clothing (please pack in boxes marked with size and style, i.e. “men-winter", “girls-summer”), non-perishable food, household items off all sorts, tools of all kinds, linens, blankets, pillows, hot plates and other basic appliances, cots and sleeping bags, fans and heaters, radios, yard goods, etc.
6. General COFO Needs: cars, trucks, pick-up trucks, buses, Volkswagen buses, bicycles; scholarship funds and college information; storage space in major cities; transportation facilities; art reproductions and travel posters; paint and brushes, rollers; lumber for carpentry work and construction; sound equipment; shortwave citizen band radios; transistor radios; cigarettes and ashtrays; soft-drink beverages, ad infinitum.
Please urge people to donate their green-stamps, and other such stamps. Be ingenious -- we need practically everything! Food and clothes are priority items!

Eric Morton is Materials Coordinator at COFO, and can always be reached at 1017 Lynch St., Jackson, Miss.
Sept., 1964

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Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.), “Material Needed by COFO,” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed May 17, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/237.