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"Today we have taken your advice"



"Today we have taken your advice"


An open letter to Queens College students and faculty from the Ah Hoc Committee


Students - Political Activity
University and college- Governance


Ad Hoc Committee to End Political Suppression




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)



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Queens College (Queens, N.Y.)


Today we have taken your advice Today we have taken your advice
Support us all at Dome 1 PP Support us all at Dome 1 PM
Open Letter to the Students and Faculty
(Please read carefully)
Fellow student and fellow faculty member
The Ad Hoc Committee to End Political Suppression is comprised of students and faculty members who four weeks ago decided [they] could not tolerate the present conditions at Queens College. They decided it was not fair for a faculty member to lose her job in secrecy. The decided it was not fair for students to face charges dropped by a student court, but tenaciously prosecuted and judged by the administration (Dean of Students). To dramatize their stand the Committee held a peaceful and non-disruptive sit-in in the Social Science Building.
As you all know, that protest was broken up at 2 in the morning when 700 policemen from the Tactical Patrol Force arrived on campus and the administration (President) said leave or face arrest. 39 people decided to challenge the ugly threat of police power. They were arrested. The administration made itself clear: try to act as the conscience of this College, try to expose the unfair use of power and we of the administration will use more bold power.
And police power was not enough. The Administration has continued to permit a full scaled grand jury investigation of the campus. That investigation threatens the political-academic freedom of all of us. That investigation can only remind us the suppressive unthinking which-hunts of the not so distant past which cost so many people their education, their jobs and their rightful future.
So the Ad Hoc Committee is angry. The Ad Hoc Committee—and all of us—witness unfair trials, raw police power blanket witch-hunt investigations and we still continue to fight for demands that would stop a whole wave of old McCarthy suppression before it becomes “part of the routine”.
Then we bring the struggle to you—concerned student, concerned faculty member. The Ad Hoc Committee initiates a general strike and in the initial three days of that strike you answer in overwhelming support for our five remaining demands. On Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday roughly 50% (by all estimates) of this student body boycotts classes in support. Students and Faculty risk new threats of suppression (some students are actually threatened with failing grades if they strike; faculty members are told they are “liable” if they hold class “outside”).
So the strike is mounted and the fight continues. But we do not ignore the other members of this academic community. It is to the faculty members and students who are in support of the five remaining demands but cannot join the picket line that we direct the following message:
We cannot believe that you can still go about your daily business after bearing witness to the suppressive acts of this College Administration. We do not share your optimism that all this administration needs is a “chance”. But we believe that the students and faculty who support these demands deserve another opportunity to witness the administration. We no create a climate of “calm”. We suspend this strike. We ask you to join is so our demands will be met. The administration how has “their” chance”.
--Join us at the Dome at 1PM; Strike Suspended--

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Ad Hoc Committee to End Political Suppression, “"Today we have taken your advice",” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed July 4, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/356.