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Memo to Accepted Applicants



Memo to Accepted Applicants


This three page memo was sent to accepted Mississippi Summer Project workers giving details on progress and upcoming events.


Mississippi Freedom Project
Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)


Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)


c. 1964

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Spatial Coverage

Jackson (Miss.)


(Page 1)
To: Mississippi Summer Project Workers
From: Mississippi Summer Project Committee
l) We hope you are making preparations to have bond money
ready in the event of your arrest. Bond money for a single
arrest usually runs around $500. We shall assume that the
first person listed on your application as the person to
notify for your bond will be the best person to contact in
the event of your arrest.
2) There will be a series of orientation periods starting
in mid-June and running until the beginning of July at
Berea College. People will be staggered over three sessions,
each lasting about four days.
3) After July l there will be a series of summer long orien~
tation sessions held at Mount Beaulah in Edwards, Mississippi.
We expect all summer workers to go through some orientation
period before going into the field.
4) A conference was held the weekend of March 2l-22 at which
various civil rights people and educators gathered in New
York to work out a detailed curriculum for the Freedom Schools
The conference broke into small working groups which discussed
the various Freedom School programs -- remedial instruction,
leadership training, cultural activities, etc. At present
various people are pulling together the results of their
sessions and sending reports to the Jackson office. By the
end of April we hope to be able to put together a compre-
hensive and detailed curriculum with working suggestions
which will be circulated to all those who are being assigned
to work in Freedom Schools this summer,
5) we are presently in a very critical financial condition.
We are trying to run a number of very important programs
this spring and at the same time we are preparing for this
summer. we are running three congressional campaigns as
well as a senatorial campaign and conducting a Freedom
Registration program -- in which we hope to register 4oo,ooo
Negroes on our own registration books -- and building a
grassroots foundation for our delegation to the Democratic
National Convention to challenge the regular all-white party
delegation. Believe it or not at the moment we are ab-
solutely broke. Our workers go without eating and our bills
are piling up. While two years ago this would not have cut
seriously into our program, at the present time we can no
longer operate for extended periods without funds -- e.g.
we need money for office rent, phone, office supplies,
(Page 2)
transportation, etc. We are enclosing a prospectus of our
spring program and hope that you could raise some money,
however small, to help finance our current programs.
6) Of course, we will also be needing a huge amount of funds
for this summer. For this purpose we are enclosing a Freedom
School Prospectus in the hope that you might interest some
church, civic or other group in financing a specific Freedom
School. In addition, it is hoped that you could help raise
money for general operating funds. If there is a Freedom
Center in your area, this could probably best be done by
working along with the people active in the center. Though,
in the final analysis, you would be best judge of what
approach would produce the best results.
7) we would appreciate two more photos of yourself as soon
as possible. These will be needed for publicity and other
8) Finally we must point out that the Mississippi leadership
must reserve the right to "deselect" any summer worker at
tho time of orientation as well as to ask people to leave
Mississippi at any time during the summer.
We will try to communicate with you periodically from
now until the time you come to Mississippi. We will be
feeding you general information, specific instructions, and
suggestions of things you might do for the summer program
before this summer. Thus, we will shortly be sending all
Freedom School teachers curriculum material as indicated
above. In addition, we will be sending out lists of mater~
ials which it would be helpful if you could help gather
and send to us or bring with you. Further, there will be
specific information on where you will be assigned to work
and what you will be asked to do, when you will be expected
at the orientation period, etc. If you own a car and are
planning to bring it to Mississippi this summer there will
be some specific information that we will need to know.
Keep in touch with us if you have any suggestions, re-
quire any information, etc.
Yours in Freedom,
Bob Moses
COFO Program Director
(Page 3)
To: Mississippi Summer Project Workers
From: Mississippi Summer Project Committee
Here is some additional information which we have thought of
since the first memo was written:
l) Money : The best arrangement for money is probably for you to
bring $60.00 expense money with you (above transportation costs)
and arrange to have $20.00 to $15.00 living costs sent you weekly.
2) Arrests: We must re-emphasize that all workers
during the summer are liable to arrest, although
Freedom School teachers, white
community project workers and researchers will be less likely to be
arrested that others. All workers, however, should have bond ready.
3) Transportation to orientation site: Everyone who is near a
Freedom Center (list sent earlier) should contact the center, which
will be coordinating transportation from their area. If you are
a long distance from the nearest center and do not have a ride or
other transportation, contact us and we will try to help you.
4) Cars: Everyone who possibly can should bring a car this summer.
The car you bring should be insured. The legal situation on cars in
the state is this:
~--Anyone who is in the state 60 days must secure a Mississippi
driver's license. If you have a license from another state you only
have to take a written test, but if you plan to be in the state
over 60 days you should get your license before the local authorities
know who you are. License costs $2.50.
---Any car which is in the state 60 days must have Mississippi
license plates. Tags are expensive (about 4% the value of the oar)
You can plan to purchase the tags. We advise that you plan to take
the car out of the state periodically so you can claim that you
are only visiting the state and have only been in the state X days.

We need a complete record of all the cars that will be
coming down. Some of you indicated whether you would
when you filled out your application. We are asking
applicants to fill out the slip below, tear it off, and send it
to the COFO office, You should also let the Freedom Center know if
you will be driving down, so they can coordinate transportation.
" ` ""
CAR INFORMATION COFO 1017 Lynch St., Jackson

Original Format

8.5 x 11 inches (215.9 x 279.4 mm)
3 sheets


Council of Federated Organizations (U.S.), “Memo to Accepted Applicants,” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed May 17, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/75.