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Proposals on Immediate Problems: (Crisis and Resolution) (and Revolution)



Proposals on Immediate Problems: (Crisis and Resolution) (and Revolution)


Open letter from Queens College Students for a Democratic Society Officers to membership


Freedom of the press - United States;
Student activities - United States;
Student publications;
Student movements - United States;
Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)


Epstein, Howard
Feinstein, Mark
Helman, Marc




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)



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Spatial Coverage

Queens (N.Y.)


(Crisis and Resolution) (and Revolution)

ACTIVIST---Ben Fein, SA president, has told Activist eds. that if we don't stop publishing (starting next issue) , sds will be brought to student court by SA. If we do stop publishing, SA won't bring us to court---but Kreuzer will suspend the chapter. Again, if we don't stop publishing, even-tually sds officers and activist editors will be suspended or expelled.
Fein's rationalization for this about-face: 1) channels of commun-ication are open on the free press business 2) as an officer, Fein has sworn to uphold the constitution, written by students with student approval, which provides for his enforcement of administration rules. 3) what SA does about the Activist will have a bearing on the FCSAS free press decision. 4) A decision by FCSAS for a full free press policy is expected by april 15. Fein holds that in that case publication is foolhardy, and that protest during bargaining is in poor faith.
This creates the following problems: 1) Whatever course we take, SDS as a campus organization will be suspended. 2) From a strictly publicity point of view, if SA takes us to court, it is the students who are prosecuting us.3) Furthermore if we continue to publish individuals will be screwed. and 4) If SA takes us to court and rules in our favor, it will be a brilliant propaganda victory---but the administration can still act against us. As it stands now, four people on the court are against us, two shaky, one in the middle.

WHY WE SHOULD CONTINUE TO PUBLISH---1) the Activist is needed as a propagan-da organ in itself. xx2) Free press is not a negotiable issue. Either it is or it ain't! 3) According to our sources, we have no guarantee that FCAS will really act favorably on the issue in any case. They say that continued publication of the Activist or SA action won't affect the xx FCSAS decision. With the help of those sources we believe we can show that if the FCAS acts against us and the court rules against us, then theyr,esponded to admini-stration pressure and did not act as free student agents. ---and free press is certainly not negotiable with the Admin. (Is anything?)
Present Activistx Edits and officers and others who would be held responsible are willing to risk suspension or expulsion, etc.

INTERNAL-EXTERNAL EDUCATION::::We propose that each semester be divided into periods of a certain amount of time which will be devoted to educational etc. activity in a specific area/issue. This means that SDS people should be thinking about writing leaflets, getting films, speakers, happenings, doing research in act-able areas.....areas such as: Dominican Republic, South Africa, grape and textile strikes, public schools, civil rights, etc. etc.

ACTION ON CHARTERING ORGANIZATIONS: Since no matter what goes on from here on in (no matter what we do) SDS will no longer exist officially on campus, activities that it sponsors or participates in will be illegal. Perhaps we should consider flagrantly acting in face of that illegality, the concept of a paternal administration chartering organizations.

FAST---It would be nice to have a five-day fast for the following reasons: the atmosphere created gives us a chance to talk in a communal, "communitarian" way. About things. It allows us to keep the peace movement rolling, given that it happens after the Mobilization is over.
Problem---Ben Fein and his cohorts want a city-wide fast...it in effect would ruin chances for our first good reason for a fast. (By the way we are fasting against the Filthy War). (In Viet Nam). What is to be done?

---epstein, feinstein, helman ---feinstein, epstein, helman
---helman, epstein, feinstein, and all the other permutations
In the interssts of participatory democracy. Etc.

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8.5 x 14 inches (215.9 x 355.6 mm)


Epstein, Howard, Feinstein, Mark, and Helman, Marc, “Proposals on Immediate Problems: (Crisis and Resolution) (and Revolution),” Queens College Civil Rights Archives, accessed May 24, 2022, http://archives.qc.cuny.edu/civilrights/items/show/86.