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Topic Web

This topic web was created to act as a reference tool to help researchers view connections between items in the collection.  All of these items were processed using a topic modeling tool (MALLET) to "read" each item and then create a list of related topics/themes and how strongly these items are tied to each topic.  These results were then visualized using Gephi and then made available online as an interactive web.

How Do I Read This?

The web was designed so that the most distinct topics lined the outside of the web, while subtopics remained in the middle.  An algorithm arranged the items (red nodes) so that they were pulled to the topics (blue nodes) that they related to the strongest.  If you hover/click on an items you will see all its related topics, and if you hover/click on a topic you will see all associated items.

Civil Rights Collection Topic Model


This web was created by Thomas Cleary in Fall 2014 as part of a GSLIS capstone project.  Items are representative to what was uploaded at the time.