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Not all comedias sueltas had comedic aspects, nor were they all from Spanish playwrights. Plays in translation also found their way into this format, such as the French examples displayed here.

Jean Racine (1639-1699) was one of France's most renowned dramatists. He brought a childhood background of Jansenism, a controversial Catholic movement that embraced the Calvinistic doctrine of preordained salvation, to an education in the classical Greek modes of tragedy. Perhaps most notably, he anticipated modern psychological sensibilities with his strong focus on the inner lives of his characters.

Antoine-Marin Lemierre (1733-1793) wrote both poetry and plays, enjoying great success with the former and varying with the latter. Midway through his career, the French Revolution came to bear. Although its violence was never directly enacted upon him, he was still fatally touched by it - he died in 1793, at the height of the Terror, in a state of extreme distress.


Jean Racine

Other translations in the collection include work by Voltaire, Jean-Baptiste Molière, and the Italians Pietro Metastasio and Carlo Goldoni.


Antoine Lemierre

In Translation