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This "military play in three acts", as most obedient figures would, clearly recommends the filial over the fraternal mode of love. Note the publisher's suggestion that it is easy to perform in private homes, requiring only seven single men to fill…

"The Most Harsh Mistress, and the Friendship Already Dead" may be the only extant play by Don Gonzalez de Ulloa y Sandoval. It is the only work listed under that name in numerous catalogs, including those of the British Library and the Hispanic…

"Which is better, confessed or confessor?" This religious play portrays two famous sixteenth century Christian saints, John of the Cross and Teresa of Ávila. Together they founded the Discalced (barefoot) Carmelites, an ascetic order that survives…

This sacred drama seems to depict the early medieval legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller. As relayed in the "Golden Legend", or Lives of the Saints, he was tricked or bewitched into killing his parents. The distraught Julian was forgiven by Jesus…

This play is an example of a sacred allegorical work common in Spanish dramatic literature. Its subject is John Francis Regis, a seventeenth century French Jesuit priest who was canonized for his work with the sick and poor.
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