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This comedia by the famed Calderon de la Barca pits mythical figures of classical Greece against those of early medieval Europe. The play's heroes are twin brothers Prometheus and Epimetheus, titans who together were responsible for creating and…

This play concerns David, the second king of Israel, and Michal, his wife. Their relationship was a complicated one, Michal being forced to lead her husband to safety when Saul, her father and the first king, attempted to have him killed. She was…

Translated from the play of the same name by the great French playwright Jean Racine, this historical tragedy tells of the betrayal of King Mithridates VI. Remembered as the greatest ruler of the Greco-Persian state Pontus, he was eventually bested…

This sacred drama seems to depict the early medieval legend of Saint Julian the Hospitaller. As relayed in the "Golden Legend", or Lives of the Saints, he was tricked or bewitched into killing his parents. The distraught Julian was forgiven by Jesus…

This play is an example of a sacred allegorical work common in Spanish dramatic literature. Its subject is John Francis Regis, a seventeenth century French Jesuit priest who was canonized for his work with the sick and poor.
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