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Transcript of a lecture delivered by Warren Phillips at the University of California, Riverside, in which he argues that legislative restrictions on the press are working in tandem with public apathy to erode First Amendment protections. He admits…

Pepsi-Cola offered various services for the Allied war effort, including this one that allowed servicemen to send audio messages to their loved ones. Private Warren Phillips addressed this record to his mother, Juliette Phillips, in Queens.

Warren Phillips kept a meticulous record of his journeys through China as part of the official press delegation to the country in 1972. This leather bound notebook is his primary journal in which he recorded a narrative of each day’s events,…

Article by Warren Phillips on the 1972 press delegation to the People's Republic of China by members of the American Society of Newspaper Editors. Photographs by John Duprey.

In addition to writing for Queens College publications, Warren Phillips produced stories as a college correspondent for several New York City area papers. These pages are taken from the scrapbooks he kept of
his early work.

Warren Phillips' dog tags from World War II. He volunteered for the Army Specialized Training Reserve Program in 1943, then 17 years old, and was called to active duty a year later.

President Dwight D. Eisenhower's Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles, wrote this letter to Warren Phillips thanking him for a piece he wrote in The Wall Street Journal.

Special Services map of Keesler Army Airfield in Biloxi, Mississippi, where Warren Phillips underwent basic training during World War II. By the time he finished, the war had entered its waning stages and he would not be deployed.

Warren Phillips was a teenager with a growing interest in journalism when the Second World War broke out, and he began to collect news items from a wide variety of publications. This volume, picked up from the French Consulate in Manhattan, was…

Warren Phillips, then Managing Editor, poses with colleagues Bernard (Barney) Kilgore and Robert Bottorff.
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