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This panoramic shot portrays the 1997 Commencement ceremonies from above, while giving a contextual view of Queens College in the greater milieu of New York City. The borough of Queens stretches on in the background to the towers of Midtown…

Transcript of a lecture delivered by Warren Phillips at the University of California, Riverside, in which he argues that legislative restrictions on the press are working in tandem with public apathy to erode First Amendment protections. He admits…

"Which is better, confessed or confessor?" This religious play portrays two famous sixteenth century Christian saints, John of the Cross and Teresa of Ávila. Together they founded the Discalced (barefoot) Carmelites, an ascetic order that survives…

An autographed photograph of American composer Aaron Copland addressed to K. Robert Schwarz, a classical music scholar and Queens College alumnus.

This "military play in three acts", as most obedient figures would, clearly recommends the filial over the fraternal mode of love. Note the publisher's suggestion that it is easy to perform in private homes, requiring only seven single men to fill…

Transcript of a speech delivered by Dutch diplomat J. G. de Beus upon the dedication of the Bowne House Historical Society in Flushing, Dr. de Beus discusses the military and religious history of Flushing and the New Amsterdam colony and the role…

This letter informs Queens College President John J. Theobald that the college's application to institute an Air Force ROTC unit on campus has been approved.

Air Reserve Forces Review is a newsletter addressed to the various reserve forces of the United States Air Force, including the Air Force Reserve, Air National Guard, ROTC, Civil Air Patrol, and Explorers. This issue from October, 1951 covers recent…


Benjamin Rosenthal shares with his Subcommittee members the opinion of the the American Law Division about the President's anti-inflation program.

Pepsi-Cola offered various services for the Allied war effort, including this one that allowed servicemen to send audio messages to their loved ones. Private Warren Phillips addressed this record to his mother, Juliette Phillips, in Queens.
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