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This well-preserved tablet shows both original inscriptions (the larger wedge-shaped characters) and an impression of a cylinder seal (the smaller overlaid text).

The seal inscription reads: “Wool receipted for by the Ensi 7th year of Amar Suen,…

The "Book of Coming Forth by Day", as a more literal translation goes, is a major Egyptian funerary text that saw use between 1550 and 50 BCE. The text was considered mystical in nature, composed of a variety of spells that were intended to ease an…

This letter informs Queens College President John J. Theobald that the college's application to institute an Air Force ROTC unit on campus has been approved.

Letter to Benjamin Rosenthal about benefits of bilingual education and consequences of not implementing program.

Press release announcing that the Commerce, Consumer, and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee has questioned the conversion of cooperative ownership apartment into condominiums.

Benjamin Rosenthal went on record in Congress in opposition of the confirmation of Gerald Ford as the Vice President of the United States.

Community arts programs motivate members of Congress to sign a letter to form a Congressional Arts Caucus.

News release announcing a Congressional hearing in Youngstown to examine the federal anti-inflation fight and the impact of inflation on consumers

News release announcing hearings by the Commerce, Consumer, and Monetary Affairs Subcommittee regarding bank advertising practices.

Copy of letter from members of Congress to Ronald Reagan requesting funding levels to reflect rising energy costs on poor and elderly.
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