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The Snoopy Scoop



The Snoopy Scoop


The first time Warren Phillips’ name appeared on a newspaper masthead was in the Phillips family home. At the age of 12, he compiled his own paper, “The Snoopy Scoop”.


Journalism--Juvenile literature
Forest Hills (New York, N.Y.)
Sino-Japanese War, 1937-1945
America's Cup
Davis Cup
Temple, Shirley, 1928-2014
Spain--History--Civil War, 1936-1939


Phillips, Warren, 1926-




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)




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Queens (New York, N.Y.)


Editor and General Manager
Warren Phillips

No. 1
Aug. 1-7, 1937
Everywhere we snoop
Until we get a scoop
Price 2 cents
Published Weekly
How is the weather?
As good as ever
News Flash
General News

China: Japanese troops occupied and took possession of northern China and said if the Chinese attempt to re-capture the territtory that has been captured by Japan they will be attacked immediatly. The American council in China advised all Americans to move to safety zones. Three American gunboats are off the coast of China to protect the American citizens in China.

Spain: On August 6, the Rebels planted three mines to blow up Loyalist machine gun nests. Something went wrong and the mines blew up Rebel trenches instead of the Loyalist machine gun nest. Those that were not killed by the mines were killed a few minutes later by the bullets of the Loyalists.

Middle West: The Grasshoper plague turned into a profit this week. The Grasshopers are being caught and sold by the ton for fishing bait.

Phila: A woman died on the morning of August 6 while she was having a baby. Her temprature was 109 degrees. The operation was completed and the baby lived through the teriffic heat. The baby had a little trouble breathing but otherwise the baby is all right. The father said that he can't take care of the baby and the doctors will have to keep it. He said that since his wife is dead he can't take care of a baby & work.
(cont. on P. 5)
The Neighborhood News

The Womens Wightman Cup matches will be held at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium very soon. The matches will probably bring people from all over the country to Forest Hills.

On Aug. 3, Mr. & Mrs. B. Nussbaum returned to New York after a months trip visiting Mexico. They were thrilled and had a wonderful time.

Elihu Cohen is spending this summers vacation abroad. He is on a Meditteranean Cruise and is visiting Palestine with his father.

The Saltzman family started on their trip to California on Friday, August 6. They will be away six weeks.

The Adlers are planning to move in the near future.
Radio News

On Sunday, August 1, from 10 to 11:30 A.M., the dedication of Mantfaucon Monument commemorating the Meuse-Argonne offensive in the World War, was broadcasted from France. The speakers were: President Albert Lebrun, General John J. Pershing Marshal Petain and many others.

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Camp News

On Saturday, July 31, Camp Kee-Wah staged a gala Barn Dance. The campers were in overalls and farm clothes Farmer Jones was in charge. There were hay, farm implements, cows, horses, chickens and other farm accessories all placed in the gym to make the Barn Dance a real country affair.
Two Great Birthdays on Aug. 4.

On August 4 we celebrated two great birthdays. The first was the birthday of Queen Elizebeth of England and the second was the birthday of The United States Coast Guard. The boats at the America's Cup Yaght Races were strewn with flags in honor of the two birthdays. At dawn that morning a British warship in Newport harbor fired salutes in honor of Queen Elizabeth.

Monday was a very clear day & was a bit warm. The warmness was not uncomfortable because during parts of the day there were light breezes. Monday night there was an electric storm.
Tuesday's weather was very much the same as Monday's. The early part of the morning was a bit damp from Monday night's storm.
All day Wednesday it was quite warm, but at about 6:00 P.M. it began to blow up.
Thursday morning looked very much like rain but it cleared up. The rest of the day was quite warm.
Friday started quite cloudy. The day was very warm and in the night there was quite a lot of heat lightning.
Foreman: Hurry up & dig that ditch. Workman: Rome wasn't built in a day. F.M.: I wasn't f.m. on that job.
A Hobby

A hobby is a thing that interests you and you take pleasure in doing. It is good to have a hobby that you are able to do when time is hanging heavily on your hands. A hobby is also good to keep young people out of mischief. Some people have very queer hobbies such as, collecting labels from tin cans. Some very good and interesting hobbies are: Stamp collecting, coin collecting, soap sculpturing, and making models.
The Movie Spotlight

One of the best childrens pictures put out recently is Shirley Temples latest picutre, "Wee Willie Winkie." Shirley Temple takes the part of Wee Willie Winkie. This picture makes her seem very grown up. The story takes place in India at a British army camp. The principle characters are Shirley Temple & Victor Maclelan.
The Childrens Library

This week we shall learn about a very interesting book for boys. It's name is, "Penrod, His Complete Story." This book was written by Booth Tarkington. It is really three books in one. The three books are, Penrod, Penrod and Sam, & Penrod Jashber.
(cont, on P. 5)

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The America's Cup Yacht Races

The Ranger of the United States, whose owner & skipper is Harold S. Vanderbilt will race in a series of seven races with Endeavor II of England who is being skippered by T.O.M. Sopwith. One of the ships must win four races to get the cup. The course is thirty miles long. The races are being held off Newport, R.I. This is the sixteenth British struggle to regain the America's Cup.

Race One

The Ranger of the U.S. won the first race of the America's Cup Yacht Races. A great fleet of onlookers were at hand in all kinds of boats. The race got under way at 1:25 P.M. on July 31. No errors were made all day on either ship. The margin is the biggest in fifty years of the America's Cup competition. The Endeavor came in 17 minutes 5 seconds after the Ranger had finished. As the Ranger crossed the finish line the thousands whose eyes were glued on the victor, let go with lung outbursts.

Race Two

On Monday Aug. 2, the Ranger won the second cup race. The Ranger must win two more races to get the cup. The second race course was in the shape of an equalateral triangle. The race got under way at 12:40 P.M. The Ranger crossed the finish 18 minutes 32 seconds ahead of the Endeavor. There was no race on Tuesday Aug. 3, because MR. Sopwith postponed the third race one day. He is allowed to do this. After the second race the Endeavor went to Bristol and got overhauled.

The Overhauling of the Endeavor

Most people agree that in races one and two Mr. Sopwith was outmaneuvered by Mr. Vanderbilt.
When the Endeavor was overhauled it's bottom was inspected. Mr. Sopwith thought that a lobster pail had been caught on the bottom of the boat, however none was found. The propeller of the Endeavor is filled with ball bearings and they may have rusted. Mr. Sopwith took all extra weight off his boat. He thought that by doing that it may increase his ship's speed.

Race Three

The race course today is fifteen miles out to sea and fifteen miles back. The Ranger won the third race and needs to win only one more to keep the cup in the U.S. for at least another year. The two ships crossed the starting line at 10 second past 12:40 P.M. During the whole race the Ranger was in the lead. On the first fifteen miles the Ranger gained 4 minutes 8 seconds and a few more seconds on the last fifteen miles. The Endeavor II put up a great fight but the Ranger won by 4 1/2 minutes. The weather was better for sailing than it was during the first two races.

Race Four

The course of the fourth race was a triangular course like that of the second race. The fourth race, and by winning this race and the three other races the Ranger won the series and the U.S. keeps the cup for at least another year. At the
(cont. on P. 5)

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The Indians of old were sometimes savage
And they were often hard to manage
In the spring and fall the Indians would break camp
And the swollen rivers would make the teppee floors very damp
Indians are dangerous when they are armed with guns
Almost as bad as those terrible old time Huns
The Indian was at last overpowered
His nation never again has towered
As high as it was in those olden days
So that just goes to show you, fighting never pays.
- Warren Phillips.
My Radio

My radio has a lot of stations
But they are of no relation
I hear a lot of people speak
Some programs go on once a week
I hear a lot of story tellers
And a lot of other fellers
I don't like to listen to the commentator
You can always listen to him later
Some people thought it was magic
Others thought it was very tragic
The way the radio could talk, better than sick people could walk.
- Warren Phillips.

All the G-Men are very brave
They know how to make criminals behave
They follow convicts from town to town
And finally they always track them down
Their motto is, "Crime doesn't pay."
And this slogan always wins the day
When the G-Men are working they try not to use a gun
But many criminals have learned, at their expense, that G-Men do not run.
- Warren Phillips.

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Laugh It Off

Science teacher: John, where do we find friction?
John: In the library.
S.t.: What part of the library?
John: The books, friction and non-friction.

A sign on a farm read, "We shoot every tenth peddler that comes by. The ninth one has just left.

Teacher: Arthur, why were you absent yesterday?
Arthur: I had a sore throat and a swelling in the clams.

Lady: (to keeper at zoo) Pardon me, but can you tell me where those birds come from?
Keeper: Sure ma'am, from eggs.
The Childrens Library (cont.)

This story is about a boy who is always having adventures and getting into trouble. He is always having adventures with his three best pals. They are: Sam Williams, and the two coloured boys, Herman and Verman.
General News (cont. from P. 1)

A few days ago a man told Mr. Putnam that his boat had found Amelia Earhart. He demanded money for her safe return. The story of the man was investigated and it was found that he was not telling the truth. The man was arrested for trying to rob Mr. Putnam.

President Roosevelt left Washington on the night of August 6. He arrived at his home in Hyde Park, N.Y. the next morning to spend two days of complete rest there. He will probably return to Washington on August 9, 1937.
Race 4 of the Amer. Cup Yacht Races (cont.)

start of the fourth race the Endeavor II was called back because it made a false start. The Ranger won the race by a little more than three minutes. Both skippers managed their ships excellently. In all four races there were only two errors. The Ranger of the N.Y. Yacht Club won the four races that it takes to win, in succession from the British chalenger Endeavor II of the Royal Yacht Squadron. The Ranger is undoubtably the fastest ship that is sailing the sea.

The America's Cup

The America's cup was bought by England. The cup is now worth more to England than she paid for it because she has not seen much of it. Millions of dollars were spent fitting out boats to try to get this cup. The cup is worth about $50, but in the hearts of the people who sail to get it, it is worth a kings ransom.
The Davis Cup Matches, Resume

A few weeks ago the U.S. played England for the Davis Cup. The tenn matches were held at Wimbelton, Eng. The U.S. won and regained the cup which it had lost ten years before. The first day of play ended with the score, Eng. 1, U.S. 1. The second day the U.S. won the doubles to lead by the score of 2-1. The last day Parker of the U.S. beat Hare & that game snatched the cup for the United States. In the last game, which was more or less of an exhibition game, Budge of the U.S. beat Austin. The Davis Cup team left England for home on Friday July 30, and, arrived home on Thursday August 5, 1937.

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Phillips, Warren, 1926-, “The Snoopy Scoop,” Queens College Archives and Special Collections, accessed June 18, 2019,