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Queens College Horizons, Spring, 1942.



Queens College Horizons, Spring, 1942.


Non-literary magazine with articles, pictures, and essays. Heavy emphasis on World War II and experience of Queens College students during wartime.


Queens College (New York, N.Y.)
College student newspapers and periodicals


Queens College (New York, N.Y.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)




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Queens College (New York, N.Y.)


Horizons Presents
Queens College and the War

A Note
Thank you for asking me to contribute to your issue on the war. I find it hard to speak because it is your generation that will have the greatest part in the actual combat of the war, the greatest part in shaping the peace that will follow it.

Yours is a generation that has been much attacked and much defended. But this is no longer the time for the weariness of listening to those attacks or even the eloquence of defense: the whole free world into which you were born is now under attack today,the future into which the generations after your will come is what you are defending now. I cannot presume to match my words against the deeds you will carry out in this hour of history.

Faithfully yours,
Archibald MacLeish
Meet Mr. Consort
We would like you to meet the Queens Consort, newest member of the HORIZONS retinue. He is a strange fellow- we never know just what he is going to do or say next, but that is why he is fascinating. To hear him tell it-

Birds are singing, people are discovering, or rediscovering- the beauties of the apple orchard, classes are being held on the campus-it's Spring! And I am glad that I have breathed life for the first time in the Spring-even the Spring of 1942, for I am glad that I have come into being at this particular time. It is not a very happy or sane world that greets me, but I am glad that I shall be around when we start building the foundations of a world in which democracy and peace and freedom and tolerance and security will again have a chance to prove themselves-to all peoples, for all peoples. Strangely enough, I am optimistic, even though I have been born in a period which breeds pessimism, and I do have hope for the future of the world and of mankind.

I am glad that I found my way onto this campus, too. I have found Queens college folks to be pretty nice. It has been fun working with the HORIZONS' people. They go off the deep end every once in a while, and they do not let little things like deadlines and ultimatums bother them, but they do come through with the goods. They are all right. They have had tough going, but they seem to be coming out on top. They could use some support, though, both materially and spiritually. You know, criticism, and it is even more satisfying when those who criticize offer to go along and help smooth out the rough places. You can accomplish so much more when you know that you have people behind you, pulling for you rather than against you.

These folks I have become acquainted with have the right idea, too. They know that college for them is now divided into two parts; one part of their college lives goes on as usual-dances, classes, baseball games, papers, S.A.O. movies, quizzes; but the other is drastically changed-men leaving for the armed forces, first-aid, defense preparatory courses, a certain tenseness, alertness. But through it all there is no hysteria, no frantic flag-waving, no bursts of passion against the circumstances which have caught us in it's web. Sane people, intelligent people facing the situation intelligently, looking, building toward the future-do you wonder that I have faith in the future?


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