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Queens College Lens-Horizons, Fall, 1941



Queens College Lens-Horizons, Fall, 1941


Glossy non-literary magazine with articles pictures and essays.


College student newspapers and periodicals
Queens College (New York, NY.)


Queens College (New York, NY.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)




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Queens College (New York, NY.)


A Revised and enlarged publication of the student of Queens College, flushing, N.Y., published regularly throughout the school year. This is the Fall Issues for 1941. Priced at ten cents the copy.
Literary Editor- Martha Lorenz
Literary Staff- Sylvia Koral, Geraldine Merken, Mortimer Metchik, Ruth Morse, Olga Skala, Paul Spielberg, Gerald Thorner.

Photography Editor- Charles Salivar

Art Editor- Roy Howard Brown
Assistant- George Grekoff

Composition Editor- James Doyle
Associate Editor- David Jacobs

Business Manager- Frederick Botterman
Business Staff-Wilma Artus, Selma Kutner, Evelyn Schwartz, Phyllis Shelley, Judith Silverburgh, Shirley States, Belle Tanenbaum, Florence Zipes

Circulation Manager- Helen Starkenstein

Faculty Advisers- Mr. Thomas Hand, Dr. Donald Kirkpatrick, Dr. Josef Lombardo
Plato, Aristotle, and Defense

"Speed up production! Train men-and more men! All-out aid for Britain! Priorities! Arm! Defense! Uncle Sam needs you!" And what are you college people doing for defense? Of course many of your men are in the United States' Armed Forces, and many of your men and women are active in DivilianDefense. But what of the rest of you? You aren't helping to turn out tanks and airplanes and guns and ammunition. You discourse upon Plato andAristotle, but what help are they in conquering the totalitarian forces which are trying to rule the world?"

Yes it is true that Plato and Aristotle are not much help in planning a campaign which will conquer the totalitarian forces, but that is not for them to do. Neither is it for the college student to do. Everyone of us has a definite job to do in the present emergency. Some of us mine coal; some of us make steel; some of us make tanks. Some of us are planning for the future, for the time when peace has again been achieved. Some of us must be Man Thinking. That is our job, the job of us who are in college. While others work diligently for the present, we must work contructively for the future.

This war, like others in the past, is a phase in the cycle of civilization. there have been wars and they have ended. This one, too, will end- soon, we hope. So we must plan for that time when we will again have peace. It is the hope of civilization that some day it will eliminate war, but that time will never come unless we learn from the lessons, which the past teaches us. It is by knowing the past that we can understand the events of the present and plan for the future.

However, we must not only understand the past, but we must be optimistic about the future. Too many of us see nothing but destruction and annihilation in the future. If Man Thinking is to guide Man Working on the Farm and Man Working in the City, he must have high hopes for the future. How can he plan for a peaceful future if all he can see in it is war and strife! Hope for the future is lost only when we lost it in ourselves. Our job is not to create weapons of destruction, but to understand those fundamentals which will enable us to plan sanely, rationally, and hopefully for the future-for a peaceful future. Surely such a program has an important place in our life today-and always.


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