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Queens College Nucleus, V7, N1, 1969



Queens College Nucleus, V7, N1, 1969


The journal of undergraduate scientific research at Queens College


College student newspapers and periodicals
Queens College (New York, NY.)


Queens College (New York, NY.)




Queens College Department of Special Collections and Archives (New York, N.Y.)




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Queens College (New York, NY.)


Arthur L. Riba- Editor-in-Chief
Benjamin Lipsky- Associate Editor
Mark I. Golod- Literary Editor
Ira L. Eisenstein, Stephen Raskin- Art Editors
Robert A. Cecchino- Photography Editor
Mark R. Newman- Managing Editor
Jeffrey R. Brook- Business Manager
Jacob L. Heller, Roger B. Kahn- Undergraduate Research Editors
Michelle Miron- Copy Director

Literary- Leonard I. Berkowitz, Marvin Finklestein, Lawrence Golum, Edward I. Harf, Ronald C. Herman, Robert Landman, Joshua Levin, Eliot Jekowsky, Sandy H. Benoff, Fred S. Maron, Allen J. Palmer, Ronald Pross, Robert Susann, Peter Zucker
Copy- Lenore L. Zisser, Toby Klang
Art- Jeff Davis, Claudia A. Esposito, Helaine Glassman, Alan J. Rudman, Frank Young

Faculty Advisor: Professor Martin L. Kaplan

Nothing has such power to broaden the mind as the ability to investigate systematically and truly all that comes under they observations in life.
Marcus Aurelius-- Meditiations, Ch. 11

NUCLEUS in the past has sought to give the undergraduate science students of Queens college an opportunity to publish the results of their research. It has always been further hoped that through this publication. all members of the student body would develop an interest in the scientific fields.

It is not the intention of this year's issue to dilute the above goals. There is no doubt the articles presented here are representative of the best research being conducted by students at Queens College. However, with this issue, a new dimension has been added. NUCLEUS is attempting this year to promote, as well as present, undergraduate research; the articles not only illustrate what is being done by undergraduate investigators in the natural sciences, but also offer an orientation and insight into how to go about doing research, and are intended to inspire capable and motivated students to look into the possibility of becoming researchers themselves. By providing an informative study into the undergraduate research program at the College, it is hoped that students will become aware of the many openings available for their participation There is an area of interest sure to stimulate almost any student's curiosity. In presenting articles which represent the varied research of undergraduates, a certain degree of excitement and motivation will be generated in the interested reader.

The word research is derived from the Old French "recherché" meaning "to seek again." Inherent in this definition is the very essence of research: one should look for something until he finds it. Thus, only an abiding curiosity in the answer will lead to the solution of a problem. The solution is never unattainable, since invariably there exists an inquisitive mind to explore, to understand, and to solve it. It should be stressed,however, that even there exists an inquisitive mind to explore, to understand, and to solve it. it should be stressed, however, that even when a solution is not reached, the processes involved in research will nevertheless develop the personality and intelligence of the researcher. It requires an enormous amount of perseverance and patience to find the truth, but when it is finally discovered one is both satisfied and enlightened.

This publication, like any other, owes much to many. Numerous people have combined their talents, opinions and time to produce the present issue of NUCLEUS. With this in mind, I would like to thank the excellent undergraduate staff for its efforts and initiatives introducing this journal. Because of its devotion, NUCLEUS, can truly be considered an undergraduate endeavor.

I would like to thank the many profession individuals who help us in the preparation of NUCLEUS. I am indebted to the Student Financial board and to Mr. Michael Levitt for the provision of a generous budget and for their overall assistance in financial matters. In addition, I would like to express my gratitude to Profesor Max K. Hecht for his continual interest and assistance, to Professor A. H. Blatt who offered many valuable suggestions, to Mrs. Lee Cogan and Mrs. Beatice Bergen of Editorial Services for their advice on printing matters, and to Mrs. Helen Hendricks of the Office of Student Activities whose support, assistance, and kindness since the inception of this year's journal made it a reality.

Lastly, I am greatly indebted to Lee. M. Nadler, who as Editor-in-Chief emeritus and friend, ably advised me on all technical considerations and responded generously to requests for assistance. Grateful thanks also to Professor Martin L. Kaplan for his willingness to advise us on all matters and to Leo Green for his tireless efforts in printing this journal

Arthur L. Riba



Queens College (New York, NY.), “Queens College Nucleus, V7, N1, 1969,” Queens College Archives and Special Collections, accessed December 17, 2018,