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The Mitre V.1 N.2 [1941]



The Mitre V.1 N.2 [1941]


Catholic themed publication


College student publication
Queens College (New York, N.Y.)
Religious clubs-Catholic


Queens College Newman Club




Queens College




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Queens College, {New York, N.Y.}


Published alternate Tuesdays by the Newman Club of Queens College, Flushing L.I.

The Staff:
Editor- Edward E. Kreitsek

Bob Mead
Mary Pellicane
James Blake
Muriel Froehlich
Kay Murphy
Art Younghans
Bill Brooksbank
Mary Whalen
Paul De Santis
Helen Raymantas
Rita Brockman
Mary Slavin

Club Officers
President-Robert A. Mead
Vice-President-Genevieve Logan
Treasurer- William Kelso
Secretary- Margaret Twohig

Chaplin-Rev. William F. Kelly
Faculty Advisor-Prof. T. F. Cope

We at Queens College have had our differences of opinion on many issues. We've debated, argued, questioned, rebuttled, and swayed opposing opinions. Since the school's first formal debate heralded intellectual combats on the campus, the students have adhered to a logical, parliamentary course of discussion to settle controversial issues. This is the way we should operate. No opposition is worth the degrading of our pre-conceived ideas of lawful, peaceful arrangement among conflicting groups. If there are any "out-of-order" societies, or representatives on campus, there are ample legal services to curtail their action.
We are sure that the administrative officers of the college will take every precaution to maintain the integrity and reliability of representative campus groups. Although we, too, are anxious to see an intimate and final removal of "Out of order" groups on the campus we strongly advise that the matter be placed in the hands of capable authorities. They can accomplish the same ends much more efficiently and without the publicity that these factions are so desirous of gaining. Cries of "Persecution!...Illegal Suppression! Assault!" may rise to denounce patriots who think with their hearts rather than their heads.
If there are any unauthorized groups on the campus they must be contemptible of our administrative regulations, for the dean's office assures us that there is ample provision made for the establishment of respectable, orderly societies on campus. Any group that will not apply to the Student Council and the Faculty Committee on Student Organizations for a charter must be symbolic of highly undesirable activities, for the Council and the Faculty Committee are receptive to all formal applications for new organizations. Any group that will deliberately violate the campus and administrative will find that the students of Queens will outlaw them for their unorthodox technique.
If one group, or one person commits an unauthorized act, it is the right of every student to object, but not by following the lawless example of the objectionable party. "Two wrongs do not make a Right." Don't debase yourself by joining in outlawed action.

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Queens College Newman Club , “The Mitre V.1 N.2 [1941],” Queens College Archives and Special Collections, accessed December 17, 2018,