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The Mitre V.2 N.3 [1941]



The Mitre V.2 N.3 [1941]


Catholic themed publication


College student publication
Queens College (New York, N.Y.)
Religious clubs-Catholic


Queens College Newman Club




Queens College




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Queens College, {New York, N.Y.}


Before one proceeds to debate a point, he should be well informed as to the nature of the subject he is contending. Much of the confusion, ill-feeling, and bitterness of discussion could be avoided by a little reading on controversial topics.
It is doubtful whether any political or economic creed has received more artless condemnation at the hands of Catholics than has Communism. Clergymen, from the Holy Father down to the most obscure curate, have waged a constant battle against Marxist dogma. Every loyal Catholic has followed their leada to a certain point. Where the criticism of Communism by the Hierarchy is the result of painstaking investigation, too much of the criticism by the laity, students included, have been based on hearsay. The result has been that more than one Catholic has been forced into the awkward position of condemning an entire system without first investigating why it has been condemned.
If Catholics lived in a world apart from their feollow-men, there would be no harm caused by their ignorance; if their Church were one which never needed defense against enemies, there would also be no harm done. But Catholics don't live in a world of their own, and their Church is being attacked right and left for the causes which it has espoused. One of the most vigorous of her enemies is Communism, and yet, how many Catholics can put their fingers on the error of that system? How many Catholics have confined their investigation of Communism to the few brief paragraphs of a Hearst newspaper editorial? How many Catholics, when they are handed a Red literature crumple it up and throw it away with a side remark?
My contention is that the Church Militant, we who are supposed to do the defending here on earth, don't even know the nature of the foe against which our leaders urge us to be on guard. Incidentally, there is nothing more disgusting than the spectacle of a well-meaning Catholic being tied into a knot by an opponent of his Church, simply because he failed to make sure of his ground before hand.
What's the answer? Well, at least one is contained in the first paragraph of this article: Try a little more reading of doctrines with which you don't agree. Before condemning anyone, find out what he believes in, from himself. After all, if a protestant wanted information about Catholic dogma, he would hardly go to a book by Martin Luther. He would go to a Catholic source. The same procedure should be followed by Catholics desiring to know what the Communist believes in: find out, from the communist.
One might object that such intensive investigation of the subject is needless for the Catholic, since his leaders have already determined his attitude. The weakness of this objection is shown by the fact that all too few Catholics do know what their leaders have determined regarding other creeds.
How many Catholics have read Pope Leo XIII's encyclical, "Rerum Navarum", in which he condemns Socialism, or Pope Pius XL's manifesto on "Atheistic Communism?" Those great letters were not written for the clergy alone; they were written for every Catholic who is troubled by the welter of creeds claiming his attention. They form a clear, precise chart of Catholic economics and morals; they are written in a lucid style that every layman can understand.
It is about time that Catholic students snapped out of their lethargy. They have a faith to defend and a duty to fulfill. Their faith is the faith of Christ, and their duty is to make sure that they never disgrace that faith by pleading ignorance of the reason they hold to it. They can substantiate those reasons by investigating and discovering for themselves the errors of other creeds. The Church doesn't ask that every layman be a theologian; it only asks that he know what he means when he says he is a Catholic.
Go to sleep, darling sweet peace to your soul!
Mother will pray for pray for your motor control.
Check up on statistics om mental hygiene;
look at your brain through an xray machine
Hushaby, darling, its mothers ambition
To get your reflexes into condition.
Mother is wise to the new sociology,
She'd like to sing to you,
but the psychologists,
Pre-school authorities, learned biologists,
Ban lullabies for the kids of the nations
Lest they develop the mother fixation.
Make your goodnight scientific and formal,
Experts say kissing will make you subnormal;
Angels are watching o'er each nerve and glad.
Hushaby, lullaby- aint science grand?

When Queens College was established, the first ambitious student body gave an afternoon dance. The expense of the dance was great-- it was known in advance that the dance would be a financial failure. Yet, that dance was the greatest success of all subsequent Queens College afternoon affairs. Everyone knew everyone else-- everyone was there. The dance ran on sheer school spirit. To show his approval Dr. Klapper paid the $30.00 deficit.
Today, if only one-forth of the student body appears at the dance the expenses are covered. Still the dances are financial failures. The financial loss is nothing compared to the almost complete success it was. We are 100% for a rejuvenation of that spirit.

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